Sunday, March 22, 2009

More twiddling with Blogger, this time with Diigo

I have been playing around with Diigo, a nice social bookmarking site. My only complaint so far is that when you are logged in to Diigo, it takes the liberty of putting little post-it crap on the browser screen from other Diigo users. Maybe there is a way to turn this off, I haven't looked into it enough.

Diigo has a feature where you can include an RSS-type feed from your Diigo bookmarks on another website, which I have added to the right-hand panel of this blog. These are called Enhanced Linkrolls. Use the Tools option (located on a drop-down menu under your username) to customize the HTML code that Diigo generates. I added an HTML widget to the blog (on the Layout tab when customizing the blog, and pasted in the Diigo script code.

I had some problems matching up the background colors from Diigo's code with the blog's colors. I resolved this by generating custom code in Diigo, then looking at the source code for the blog page, locating the sidebar background color (called the "Top Sidebar"), and pasting it into the Diigo code. There was another small wrinkle here -- Blogger used three-digit hexadecimal color codes, instead of the six hexadecimal codes I was familiar with. After some poking around, I found that the three-digit hex codes can be converted to the corresponding six-digit hex code by adding another digit for each digit in the three digit color code. So -- Blogger's background color was #9b5, so I removed the "#", and repeated each character like so: 99bb55 in the Diigo HTML. This gave me the same background color for my widget as for the rest of the sidebar.

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