Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here's my part to promote the 2008 "Give One Get One" (aka G1G1) program (aka G1G1 2008) of the One Laptop per Child (aka OLPC) project.

The program begins 11/17/2008; orders are being handled through

The following is lifted from the OLPC wiki:

Join our community mailing list,, to discuss how to get the word out about the new campaign.

Blog it, add a comment about it to every article about OLPC and the XO.

* Social site updates -- Facebook, Twitter[1], MySpace : there are OLPC accounts on many of these sites which need maintenance and regular updating. For instance some 2007-era badges and promotions need to be updated to link to the Amazon site.

* Viral marketing. Put in your e-mail signature. Mention G1G1 in blog posts. Comment on misinformed or incomplete articles online, and include the link and the date, Nov. 17.


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Sethish said...

Thanks for spreading the word!