Sunday, November 30, 2008

Edubuntu and thin client computing

The link below goes to a project I had to do as part of my work towards a technology specialist certification through National Louis University.

The project lays out setting up a thin client computer lab using Edubuntu. I am excited about the possibilities of this: it is cost-efficient, it saves on labor time; it extends the life of otherwise obsolete desktop computers; and it taps into the growing open source movement and the great software coming out of that world.

Of geeky techno interest might be the last appendix, where I describe creating a mini-thin client set up on my Macintosh laptop (Macbook), using VMWare Fusion to create a virtual environment inside which I installed Edubuntu, and then used the Ethernet adapter and the Airport adapter as my two network interfaces. The wired connection went to a switch into which I plugged an aging Dell laptop which served as my thin client. And it worked! Maybe the technical details will be useful to somebody out there.

Here is a link to the document: Thin Client Computer Lab Project

It is a PDF, and on the fat side -- almost 1mb -- pictures!


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